Permaculture Masterclass:
A Four-Part Series

Green is the New Silver (Lining):
Crisis, Hope and Permaculture


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My team and I created the Permaculture Masterclass as an introduction to permaculture: a powerful, time-tested framework and flexible set of principles that are practical, effective, and in deep alignment with patterns and processes found in nature. In that sense, permaculture is a very “ancient” science, one that will play a critical role in a future based on sustainability. 

These 4 videos are just a starting point. To help give greater context and depth, and as a gift to the sustainability movement, we created companion resources that are free for anyone interested. To access these resources, please enter the email you check most often, and we’ll email you the following:

  • 3 detailed infographics that accompany each of the first 3 videos (“How to Make Your Garden Drought-Proof,” “How to Make Organic Fertilizer,” and “What is a Food Forest?”)
  • The Permaculture Mindmap (“PMM”): An ultra-detailed, 750-node mindmap that summarizes Bill Mollison’s original Permaculture Design Certificate course. The PMM spans 5 layers of information depth — all presented in a collapsible, single-page visual. It is ideal for anyone considering enrolling in a PDC course.
  • Lifetime access to "The Permaculture Circle (TPC)," a curated collection of complimentary 70+ permaculture resources (videos, animations, a 9-part mini-course, and the Friday Five newsletter); you’ll receive login details by email in a few minutes.

Finally, please remember to leave a question or comment below, as our team of teaching assistants will read each one and endeavor to answer as many questions as possible.